Century Flooring

· Century Flooring is made of long-lasting, selected 3/8” aircraft and truck tires, with sidewall cords and buffed to a chenille finish.
· Ideal for heavy-wear areas including airports, commercial buildings, department stores as well as areas where cleats are worn.
· 6" or 12" wide rolls can be cemented around the perimeter.
· Can be applied to recessed frames or surface mounted.

Thickness: 3/8" (± 1/8" Tolerance)
Tile Size: 12" x 12" or 12" x 25'A
Weight: 2.3 lbs. per sq. ft.
Carton: 25 tiles.
Color: Natural Barktone Charcoal.
Blend Colors: Blue, Brown, Charcoal, Green.
Fire Test: Installation of this floor covering on a non- combustible floor will not create an undue fire hazard. Applying a propane torch flame for one minute, after removal, flame continues for 1-1/2 minutes but does not spread, as simulated in fire test standards DOC-FF-1-70 and DOC-FF-2-70 Class B.
Installation: Century Adhesive must be used. No substitutes.

Rubber Brush Mat
These mats are constructed of tough, SBR rubber to remain flexible while withstanding the effects of extreme cold. Rubber Brush has thousands of tough flexible rubber fingers that sweep shoes clean. The underside has suction cups, which help minimize mat movement. The molded beveled edging creates a retention dam to trap moisture. This is a great first defense to use in an outside entrance. Simply hose off to clean.

Rubber Scraper Mat
These scraper mats are constructed of tough, heavy-duty rubber with raised bar design that works to scrape shoes clean. The Scraper Mat is designed with a low profile for door clearance/cart traffic. It also has containment borders and molded recessed areas, which trap and hold contaminants until mat is cleaned. Simply hose off to clean. Another good first line of defense for an outside entrance.

Corrugated Runner
The rib-tooth design improves traction, creates a barrier to cold flooring substrates, and creates a silencing effect over noisy tile.

Diamond Stat
Diamond Stat is a static-dissipative matting specially formulated to absorb static electricity. This matting drains static from workers keeping sensitive circuitry safe from electrical damage. Made from a dense closed-cell foam base with a durable vinyl diamond-pattern surface.

This PVC matting is formulated to provide protection from electric shock from high-voltage machinery. These mats are grounded and thus help prevent electrical shock. Each square foot is tested in conformance with ANSI/ASTM D-178 specifications and meets or exceeds the following specifications:

· Type 2 Compound: Polyvinyl Chloride
· Class 2 Di-electric Strength: 30,000 volts
· Proof test of 20,000 volts
· Recommended maximum usage of 17,000 volts

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