Grill Mats
Alternating rows of ribbed vinyl and carpet strips are mounted on aluminum rails which scrape and dry the shoe. Drain slits in the hinges allow dirt and water to funnel through the mat. These mats have been engineered to be free from the clattering noise that other systems have. Replacement strips are also available.

Super Berber

Super Berber is high-quality entrance carpet matting well suited for highly trafficked lobbies. This polypropylene fiber matting is needle-punched and designed in a hobnail pattern. UV-stabilizers make Super Berber resistant to fading and able to dry faster.

Super Berber is soft to walk on, yet its solution dyed fiber is course enough to effectively clean moisture and dirt from shoes and hide the appearance of walking patterns.

Super Berber can either be made with a beveled border to be used as a surface mat, or inlayed into a recess in your lobby.

Made of coconut husk fibers and imbedded in liquid vinyl, these mats stay stiff making them great "scrub brushes" for shoes. They are tough and resilient enough to resist wear and permanent matting down from heavy use. The deep pile construction traps and holds dirt particles below the surface. Logo options available.

These mats have a raised pyramid surface-design making them great scraper mats. Optional drainage holes allow dirt and water to fall through. The Pyramid entrance mat consists of a flexible rubber material that can be easily rolled up for cleaning. Custom logos available.

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