Buffalo Mats
Indestructible rubber mats with textured surfaces, Buffalo Mats are designed for use as punishment pads in aeribuc and weight-lifting areas. These mats are non-porous, resistant to bacterial growth, non-absorbent, and include a mitigating agent added during manufacturing to reduce odors.

Buffalo Tiles
These tiles are precision cut and used to create a full interlocking system. Tiles fit together perfectly and lie flat without curling. Tiles can be used to create a sectional matting area or a wall-to-wall matting surface. These non-porous, indestructible rubber mats have textured surfaces and are excellent for use under heavy workout equipment, such as treadmills, stationery bikes, and weight-lifting machines. They shield the floor from damage while protecting machines and exercise equipment from vibration and carpet fibers, which can biuld up within the equipments' moving mechanisms.

Made of premium-quality recycled rubber compound, Aftex matting is durable, resilient, and slip resistant even when wet. Aftex provides excellent sound and shock absorption. This matting comes in rolls and is used in gyms, locker rooms, and around swimming pools.

Turtle Tiles
These modular square tiles easily snap together on-site to create custom configurations. Made from flexible plastic, these tiles are comfortable to walk on and provide a slip resistant surface. Beveled ramps and borders are used for the edges to minimize trip hazards. Use in locker room areas, pools, and anywhere slippage is a concern.

These comfortable vinyl mats have a textured surface for excellent traction. The soft vinyl slats allow for superior drainage and aeration. Constructed of non-porous PVC and featuring permanently-welded construction duckboard, these mats are perfect for use around pools, showers and kitchens.

This rubber runner features slotted holes for excellent drainage, a wiper blade underside for traction, and a raised knob surface to enhance comfort. Great runner for use in locker rooms and shower stalls.

Skate / Spike Matting
A durable vinyl ribbed top surface minimizes damage to floors from skates/spikes.

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